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Conference season 2018 is upon us and POPHR will be referenced or demonstrated at several conferences in Montreal this May! If you’re in…

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Dr. Buckeridge to present at NASEM Webinar – January 9th, 2018


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What We’ve Developed

Scalable Data Integration for Disease Surveillance

The Scalable Data Integration for Disease Surveillance (SDIDS) is a web-based platform designed to enable the integration and analysis of data across multiple scales to support global health decision-making. SDIDS incorporates a semantic framework to consistently represent heterogeneous data from multiple sources, as well as tools to facilitate the integration process and to supports visualization, analysis, and sharing of these data. SDIDS also offers a programming interface allowing external applications to request standardized data and compute numerous health indicators. We have developed a prototype application that demonstrates how SDIDS can be used to integrate malaria surveillance data collected by multiple organizations in Uganda.

Scalable Data Integration for Disease Surveillance


The MOXXI system is an integrated solution created for primary care physicians. The electronic prescribing and computerized drug management system provides personalized care suited to a patient’s specific needs and ensures that his/her drugs are managed safely and effectively. The MOXXI system is designed to help physicians and pharmacists deliver the best care possible by providing them with the information they need about their patients’ health and medication. This unique system provides physicians with the list of their patient’s medications and health problems which help them decide the best treatment for the patient’s profile. The MOXXI system provides specialized decision support tools, developed and supported by research results, which deliver effective and safe prevention and management of disease. Features of the MOXXI system include:

  • Electronic Prescriber
  • Drug Profiler
  • Alert System
  • Problem List
  • Specialized Decision
  • Support Tools


RightRx is a computer application that facilitates electronic medication reconciliation for hospital clinicians at all transitions of care. The aim of the software is to help reduce the risk of ADEs and hospital readmissions.

This is accomplished through:

  • Optimizing the accuracy of medication histories. This unique opportunity is made possible thanks to the established “real-time” link to the Quebec health insurance agency (RAMQ).
  • Facilitating efficient and accurate reconciliation at the time of admission, transfer, and discharge by an automated integration of data from hospital and community-based pharmacy information systems including side by side alignment of community and in-hospital medications.
  • Communicating changes made during hospitalization with the community pharmacies and physicians, so that prescriptions for drugs that are discontinued because of adverse effects or ineffective treatment do not continue to be filled.


The PopHR is a web-based, ontology-driven software application that enables its users to create a comprehensive view of the population health by providing fast and easy access to a variety of data from health and non-health sources. The system supports intelligent analysis and visualization of these data in the context of existing knowledge about the determinants of health. Focused on improving decision-making related to the planning and evaluation of population health interventions, the PopHR addresses common limitations of existing web portals for population health information through the following features

  • Automated computation of health indicators from regularly updated high-resolution data sources
  • Natural language interface enabling free-text queries
  • Semantic framework that incorporates a body of epidemiological knowledge to  reveal  meaningful  links  between  multiple health  indicators  and support  the  development  and  evaluation  of  population  health interventions

Risk Calculator (RC)

Risk Calculator (RC) is a web based application that can create a patient profile and estimate their dosage-related risk of injuries associated with the use of low, medium and high-potency opioids. The aim of the software is to help reduce the risk by suggesting drug-dosage alternatives.

The application incorporates a sophisticated graphical user interface featuring a thermometer as a visual representation of the current likelihood of fall, with a change in colour to indicate the modifiable portion of the risk. The thermometer also displays the impact of the change in risk for suggested alternative drug scenarios.

Designed as a scalable and highly modular application it can be used as a standalone application requiring only a web browser and internet connection or it can be used as a service by third party applications, such as web based EMR(s).

Risk Calculator (RC)

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