The Cancer Care Quality Lab

About MCHI


Dr. Meguerditchian’s research program aims at developing tools that ensure quality in the delivery of cancer care across the community. Advances in science have made cancer a treatable disease; yet more than a third of diagnosed patients do not receive recommended care. These deviations from best care occur throughout all aspects of cancer management: screening and diagnosis, post-treatment follow-up and end-of-life care. This impacts recurrence, survival, quality of life and costs. Interventions to manage these deviations are currently challenged by the lack of an integrated cancer care monitoring strategy. Health informatics technology (HIT) represents the ideal tool to address this challenge. The Cancer Care Quality Lab aims to develop informatics tools that integrate currently existing and separately maintained clinical, service, and competency data repositories to monitor quality of care. The Lab’s research specifically targets high-risk situations such as older patients undergoing cancer therapy and preventable adverse events.